Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Direct Predictions




Nintendo has not had a “traditional” Nintendo direct since February, and by traditional I mean a presentation where they discuss a variety of games and make a small number of new announcements to keep the tide of information flowing.  I feel like we have seen more information being dropped in press releases as of late compared to the past couple of years, where the Nintendo direct was the primary outlet for information.  We have had a Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, Tomodachi Life, and Hyrule Warriors direct here in the states (a Yokai Watch 2 direct was Japan only).  That said I expect to have some new information about Bayonetta 2, but I don’t really expect anything mind blowing.  Personally I feel as though they have sweetened the pot dramatically by giving you 2 games for the price of one.  That said, predictions and wants after the jump.  Let me know in the comments if you think I am way off base.

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Can you smell.. What DC.. Is cooking?!


The Rock black Adam

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced today that he will be playing the role of Captain Marvel’s nemesis, the sometimes antihero Black Adam in the upcoming Shazam movie from New Line Cinema and DC Comics.

The Rock has been teasing his possible role in a future DC movie, however many thought he would be playing the eponymous role of Shazam in a rumored extremely kid friendly film.

With Dwayne confirmed to be Black Adam I am hoping the movie will take a darker route – and personally I think that he can fill the position of Black Adam perfectly, as he was (and sometimes still is) the Most Electrifying Man in all of Sports Entertainment! Ironic, no?

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CAPCOM Blowout


From now until September 4th Capcom is offering select titles for 60% off, on both the Wii U and 3DS. If you are following along on our Monster Hunter Wednesdays via the Podcast or our Twitch stream, now is the perfect time to check the game out as they are on sale for $16.99 for the Wii U version, and $19.99 for the 3DS. Why the price disparity, I couldn’t tell you. Personally I’m only a little bitter I picked up the physical Wii U version for $22 little over a week ago..

You can pick these up via each platform’s E Shop. Check after the break for a complete list of titles included in the sale.

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New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS LL Announced

A new Nintendo 3DS called “New Nintendo 3DS” and “New Nintendo 3DS LL” were announced in the Japanese Nintendo Direct this morning.  The handheld includes a built in circle pad pro (looks kind of like a laptop nub) and includes ZL and ZR buttons, faster internals, NFC reader for Amiibo support, and if interpreted correctly enhanced 3D viewing (angle?).  The price given at the end of the direct is 16000 ($154) yen for New 3DS and 18800 yen for New 3DS LL ($180).  I swore up and down I wasn’t going to buy any new 3DS models, but I never thought they would upgrade the unit to run faster.  Some of these changes indicate to me Nintendo is admitting they made some mistakes.

Your thoughts?

Marvel Unlimited Plus Promotion



Marvel recently announced that they Have a Plan with their new Unlimited Plus promotion; $99.99 nets you a full year of their digital comic subscription service, allowing you to view over 15,000 Marvel back issues on IOS and Android devices, as well as straight from the internet on your PC. In addition to this, the Plus program adds extra incentives to sign up for the year long commitment, chief of which is an exclusive Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon Variant figure, which looks to be a repaint of the 2013 Marvel Legends Wave 5 Build a Figure Rocket Raccoon.

Also included is a physical Limited Edition Variant issue of Rocket Raccoon #1, a personalized Marvel Unlimited Plus Membership card, invitation to members only events, and 15% off their digital comic shop if you are into current release issues, along with 10% off merchandise at

I’m a sucker for offers like these, and there are definitely some back issue series I’d like to check out.. Maybe I’ll subscribe and provide a review of the service and little Rocket in the near future! Once I burn through my backlog of current trade paper backs that is..



News Flash!



Okay, its not really news – I just really wanted to use that title. What is new is the above poster that the CW released on The Flash Facebook page featuring young Barry Allen, police forensic scientist for Central City, zig zagging around town in his red rubber suit. has written a great article pointing out all the Easter Eggs in the background of the poster, including a Queens Consolidated building in the background and some graffiti stating “GRODD LIVES.”

The Flash, which is a spin off of CW’s Arrow live action TV show based on DC Comic’s Green Arrow, debuts on Tuesday October 7th. I cant wait!


Massive Mario Kart 8 DLC Announced


Holy bang for your buck Captain Rainbow!  Ahead of the incoming Mario Kart 8 patch that includes new features and Mercedes DLC carts (free of cost) Nintendo dropped news of their DLC strategy for Mario Kart 8.  This has surpassed my expectations in just about every way.  TL;DR  16 new tracks, 8 new cars, and 6 new characters at either $7.99 for each of 2 packs or $11.99 for the pair.  Hit the jump for the full lowdown on what is included so far.

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Captain Citrus and Marvel?


Captain Citrus

Florida Department of Citrus has contracted Marvel Comics, for $1 million, to revitalize cartoon character “Captain Citrus”

The Florida Department of Citrus has been suffering for many reasons which include decreased demand for orange juice and a disease that has been plaguing citrus growers throughout Florida (Citrus Greening Disease).  To combat these issues, the three year old mascot will receive a Marvel makeover!  However the fun wont stop here; Captain Citrus is also making (buying) some new friends too.

“The new Captain Citrus will appear this fall in the custom Marvel comic with the Avengers.”

Aside from this amazing appearance, Marvel will release three digital comic books and an animated trailer.  Best of all, there will be a contest that will offer “One of our fans the opportunity for a cameo in a Marvel comic”.

So the only question is….. Avengers 3?


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things




I see that I am an extremely rare individual these days, in that I actually like surprises in my games from time to time. Surprises can be fun! Well, with the most recent leak of the Smash Brothers roster we have all had yet another opportunity for a surprise stripped away from us. To put it into perspective for those who cannot follow my line of thinking, remember when you found out that Magus was playable in Chrono Trigger? Remember that time in Jet Set Radio future when you somehow unlocked the GG’s dog as a playable character? Those kinds of surprises were why you played the games! This kind of surprise is basically dead thanks to the inevitability of these leaks brought on by the internet and its role in our society.

In all seriousness, the guy who did this is beyond screwed. When/if he is found by the Nintendo Secret Police he will be fired and probably fed to sharks. When you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) you are under the threat of severe penalty for running your mouth to the wrong group of people. The likely scenario of what is going to happen is that he/she will be fired (least of their worries) , sued straight into oblivion, and blacklisted in the industry. While many people are happy to receive this info, it was an extremely poor decision to leak it and this individual’s life is about to be miserable long term for 15 minutes of internet fame.

Spoilers below the break.

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