Podcast 21- Porch Infinity, By Avalanche Software



Well wouldn’t you know it? They still let me in here! After many months of thinking and passing judgement on things I decided it was time to leave my Ice Fortress of Disapproval. I had to share my thoughts (loudly, if you check the recording) on the only podcast on the web that would be foolish enough classy enough to give me some mic time. What do we talk about? Well… I’ll check my notes… Ah, yes:

Jeremy has a new found passion for the drama and revelry brought on by the titillating combination of solitaire and a day down at the horse track, who knew?

PeeJ has a season pass and can once again feel the power of the force, and fight the dark side. Sometimes.

Phil has been in cahoots with both Adam and PeeJ to discover the shortfalls of cross-platform rocket league, among other things.

Adam has been in cahoots with Phil to discovers the joys of pullin’ his chrome on fools in some online GTAV, and more.

Doug, well I just always have something to say, don’t I? Hopefully some of it makes sense.

Fallout 4 – Review

Well, it’s been too long since we’ve put up anything out there for our faithful fan.  Our latest attempt of a podcast turned into a bit of an… inebriated mess.  In reviewing the wreckage, we have decided to piece together the coherent material as we could which lead us to create this wonderful gem, A Fallout 4 review.


Those brave enough to make it through to the end of the episode will appreciate this screenshot below.  Provided by Dougy himself who made a smashing return to his seat for this episode, thankfully without smashing anything, but a few beers.

Doug's collection of Mech suits
Doug’s collection of Mech suits

Thank you and enjoy!

Podcast 19 – Mibrosas, Take Two

Here we go again…. Come enjoy this our Nineteenth Porch Podcast.

Listen to us talk about all the games we did and didn’t play since our last cast.

This episode will leave you wondering so many things…. Will anyone play Destiny with Phil…. Will Peej ever finish Halo 1….. And will Powell EVER PLAY MONSTER HUNTER!


Now please enjoy this podcast of us enjoying our mabrosas!

Podcast 18 – Eagle One to Honduras Station, Come In, Over.

Come one, come all, to this the Eighteenth Porch Podcast – Today we are a crew of three; Eagle One, Moon Hawk, and Brown Condor.

We talk of games and news, and spend probably too much time arguing. So really, this one is par for the course.

Intro and Outro music on episode 18 brought to you by http://www.purple-planet.com, titled Last Stand and Slammin’ respectively.

Thanks for listening!