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Nintendo has not had a “traditional” Nintendo direct since February, and by traditional I mean a presentation where they discuss a variety of games and make a small number of new announcements to keep the tide of information flowing.  I feel like we have seen more information being dropped in press releases as of late compared to the past couple of years, where the Nintendo direct was the primary outlet for information.  We have had a Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, Tomodachi Life, and Hyrule Warriors direct here in the states (a Yokai Watch 2 direct was Japan only).  That said I expect to have some new information about Bayonetta 2, but I don’t really expect anything mind blowing.  Personally I feel as though they have sweetened the pot dramatically by giving you 2 games for the price of one.  That said, predictions and wants after the jump.  Let me know in the comments if you think I am way off base.


  • Online mode(s) detailed
  • Details of digital pricing model explained.  We know you get both games on a separate disc at retail.  I am thinking a good model for attracting hardcore players would be to charge 40 for each game then get 50% off after you purchase the first one.  This would allow someone who already played the first game and potentially picked up the console to get the sequel on the cheap.  I am on the fence whether this idea is good or bad, but here it is for everyone to see.
  • New Nintendo themed goodies in Bayonetta 2 similar to the costumes confirmed for Bayonetta


  • Voice chat in multiplayer.  I continuously hold out for a first party title that does this with no compromises.  Hyrule Warriors disappointed.  Come on Kamiya, learn Nintendo something!
  • Some sort of Miiverse integration

Never Gonna Happen

  • System update announced that allows for the aforementioned voice chat and adds join feature to friends list.  This would also be in preparation for Smash Brothers, giving Nintendo time to test their servers so we don’t have a repeat of the ultra terrible Brawl Online.

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  1. After watching the direct;

    As in the first game, I love Bayonetta’s character design, especially the gun shoes – I never did play more than the demo, however. Seeing the variety of weapons actually has me more intrigued than I thought I’d be, especially the giant hammer and bow.

    The tablet control mode looks interesting, may be good for enjoying a few beverages.

    Not so interested in the aerial, underwater, and on rails riding stages. At all. Pass.

    Always love alternate costumes, although I’m not so much into the Nintendo specific ones.. Except Princess Daisy maybe.. *cough*

    Tag Climax looks incredibly underwhelming.. Also no Voice chat announced.

    They did reveal that buying both the digital versions of Bayonetta 1 and 2 through the Wii U eShop will make the purchase price $59.98, but did not announce the individual digital prices. Personally I’m only interested in 2.

    Bayonetta sure is one hairy woman..

    1. Tag climax looks amazing. Having played Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 being able to walk into a room and lay pipe is a huge ability.

      I’m still in shock that I just watched a Nintendo Direct that showed a woman’s “sexy body” then showed murder porn and referenced heaven and hell. Anyone who says they aren’t trying new things isn’t paying attention.

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