Captain Citrus and Marvel?


Captain Citrus

Florida Department of Citrus has contracted Marvel Comics, for $1 million, to revitalize cartoon character “Captain Citrus”

The Florida Department of Citrus has been suffering for many reasons which include decreased demand for orange juice and a disease that has been plaguing citrus growers throughout Florida (Citrus Greening Disease).  To combat these issues, the three year old mascot will receive a Marvel makeover!  However the fun wont stop here; Captain Citrus is also making (buying) some new friends too.

“The new Captain Citrus will appear this fall in the custom Marvel comic with the Avengers.”

Aside from this amazing appearance, Marvel will release three digital comic books and an animated trailer.  Best of all, there will be a contest that will offer “One of our fans the opportunity for a cameo in a Marvel comic”.

So the only question is….. Avengers 3?