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Got Grind?

I am addicted to the grind. The grind is not some swanky new drug the kids are into, it is not the latest dance craze, and it is certainly not something that can provide the almost instantaneous thrill of drugs, dancing, or dancing on drugs. No my dear readers, I am referring to the grind that happens when I just need one more piece to finish my Brachydios Armor set. I am talking about the grind that happens when I only have 10,000 experience until I hit the next level. I am talking about the ever so addictive nature of the random drop and loot system seen in a large variety of games both new and old.




These systems all have some sort of rare/ultimate/legendary item(s) with a ridiculously low chance of dropping, and I find a very basic thrill in tracking down whatever that item is. Can this become a repetitive task? You bet. Can the challenge of fighting with a RNG become daunting at points? Sure can. Do I particularly give a shit? Not even remotely.  The gamer grade ecstasy provided by the feeling of a grind paying off is almost enough to stop me from cracking a celebratory beer (almost, not quite).

Why do I grind?  Easy, I like rare things and leveling up! There is always another grind, and for me that is just fine.  What is your game grinding addiction and which grinds are the worst? Give me a shout in the comments!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie: The Review


With a three year old and my own childhood nostalgia, you can imagine my interest in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was fairly high. Between watching the new Nickelodeon cartoon and collecting the associated toys – for my son, I swear – my curiosity about the new movie got the better of me. It didn’t hurt that Megan Fox was in it as well. Warning: Spoilers below.

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Podcast 1: The Too Much Gain Cast

This is our first full podcast recording and producer Jeremy’s first foray with the board. We had some things turned up too high, we will not have such poor audio next time. This was user error, not shitty equipment. Please understand.

We talk about a number of things including our recent play history, Mario Kart 8 DLC, games Jeremy should play, and Phil bitching out on PC games constantly.

Silent Hill Next

Recently revealed at Sony’s Gamescom’s press conference was the next game in the Silent Hill survival horror franchise, released as a demo titled P.T., short for playable teaser.

Now available on the Playstation 4 through the PSN Store, the hour plus long demo shows off what looks to be the current generations first survival horror game, controlled in the first person and displaying fantastic graphics and mind bending visual effects reminiscent of Eternal Darkness.

After watching Giant Bomb’s Patrick Klepek nearly mess himself playing through the teaser, I have to say I am eagerly awaiting this game, and have added one more reason to purchase a PS4. I don’t think I’ll be playing this one in the dark.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie Date Revealed


The “reboot” to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (the only Power Rangers I care about) is officially happening. Lionsgate has announced a release slated for July 22, 2016. The movie will be launching in what appears to be a pretty big month, including a new Marvel movie (untitled) and the latest Planet of the Apes.

No word on plot or actors currently, but I am certainly keeping an eye on this one even if it only leads to disappointment.  Also, Toys, I want new toys.


Meta Knight Confirmed for SSB4



Meta Knight,  the black (color, not race) version of Kirby who wears a mask and has a steampunk flying battleship with his face on the front while the rest of pop star revolves around delicious food, has been confirmed as playable for Super Smash Brothers for 3DS/Wii U.

Sakurai notes that his glide has been removed from his recovery special in this version, similar to Pit.  More pics available at the Smash Brothers website.


King’s Quest is coming back!


Activision has announced that the Sierra brand is making a comeback.  The first games published will be a new entry in the King’s Quest series and a 3rd Geometry Wars title.  This is hot on the heels of Telltale Games success with The Walking Dead, a critically acclaimed game with a modern spin on the point and click gameplay of Sierra and Lucasarts adventure titles.

I am personally excited for this being a huge fan of the series, and this opens the door for new entries in the sci-fi lambasting Space Quest series, which now has 20 years of new movies and shows to ridicule.  Hopefully we get more info on this soon.