Podcast 19 – Mibrosas, Take Two

Here we go again…. Come enjoy this our Nineteenth Porch Podcast. Listen to us talk about all the games we did and didn’t play since our last cast. This episode will leave you wondering so many things…. Will anyone play Destiny with Phil…. Will Peej ever finish Halo 1….. And will Powell EVER PLAY MONSTER […]

Podcast 14: Porch Age of Podcast

Sorry for the delayed podcast post, a member of our crew’s significant other gave birth to what appears to be a human so we had to shift duties. This is probably our longest cast yet, we absolutely ruin Avengers: Age of Ultron and Daredevil with a smattering of other topics. Enjoy!

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

    I see that I am an extremely rare individual these days, in that I actually like surprises in my games from time to time. Surprises can be fun! Well, with the most recent leak of the Smash Brothers roster we have all had yet another opportunity for a surprise stripped away from us. […]

Amazon to Acquire Twitch.TV

Mega corporation Amazon.com is in the process of acquiring Live Streaming service Twitch.tv for approximately 1 billion dollars. Twitch will be joining the E-Commerce conglomerates family of services and store fronts including Amazon Web Services, Audible.com, and recently acquired electronic comic book dispensery ComiXology.com. This comes as a shock after the rumors of a Google/YouTube acquisition of […]