Podcast 1: The Too Much Gain Cast

This is our first full podcast recording and producer Jeremy’s first foray with the board. We had some things turned up too high, we will not have such poor audio next time. This was user error, not shitty equipment. Please understand.

We talk about a number of things including our recent play history, Mario Kart 8 DLC, games Jeremy should play, and Phil bitching out on PC games constantly.

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  1. These comments about Bethesda in this podcast were a little much if you ask me. Bethesda makes the best games in the world duh! Also this Phil guy and his obsession with Nintendo is a little hard to take seriously. Didn’t he ever have the opportunity to play a real system like the Xbox. Everyone knows that Halo is probably the best game that was ever made. With that being said the only guy who seems to be reasonable and worth listening to on here is this Jeremy guy.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Jeff. I started playing Skyrim this week. I am enjoying it. I have owned every Xbox, but most of the games are available on PC. Halo is OK, Jeremy is pretty cool.

      Tune in next week to see our improvements. Thanks for being a loyal listener.

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