Amazon to Acquire Twitch.TV


Mega corporation is in the process of acquiring Live Streaming service for approximately 1 billion dollars. Twitch will be joining the E-Commerce conglomerates family of services and store fronts including Amazon Web Services,, and recently acquired electronic comic book dispensery

This comes as a shock after the rumors of a Google/YouTube acquisition of Twitch the past few months caused many members of the Twitch community to be nervous, as it appeared Twitch was gearing it’s service to more resemble YouTube by implementing ‘features’ that scour videos to block copy written material.

Twitch.TV CEO Emmett Shear, along with the Director of Community Marcus Graham and Mike Frazzini the VP of Games at streamed an Amazon/Twitch Discussion Q&A directly on Twitch in which they thank the Twitch community and go on to say Twitch will continue to remain independent, while being able to take advantage of all of the expertise and features Amazon will be able to offer.



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