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Podcast 15 – Smell My Podcast

Dear listeners, please enjoy the long overdue Podcast 15 – Take Two.

Within we discuss Gak, and some games. What games you might ask? How about some Splatoon?

– Jeremy

EDIT: Full disclosure, we recorded this after recording the E3 predictions, so we have been drinking for well over an hour at this point. Mileage may vary.


Podcast 14: Porch Age of Podcast

Sorry for the delayed podcast post, a member of our crew’s significant other gave birth to what appears to be a human so we had to shift duties.

This is probably our longest cast yet, we absolutely ruin Avengers: Age of Ultron and Daredevil with a smattering of other topics. Enjoy!


Podcast 13: Stupid Sexy Podcast

Sometimes it feels like we discuss nothin’ at all!

    I apologize for some brief periods of poor sound quality, overheating issues with recording equipment.

Enjoy and thanks for listening!




Welcome International Streetpass Visitors!

If you ended up here via a Streetpass message from some American, welcome!

While you are here, check out the podcast. We believe the podcasts have gotten better the more we do them, however feel free to disagree in comments.

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Thanks for stopping by, hope you like what you find!


Podcast 12: ULTIMATE

Welcome back faithful listeners.  Podcast 12 is now available.


Please enjoy this episode featuring monsters in need of slaying, comics that need opening and even a mention to the old school virtual boy


Podcast 11

Greetings dear listeners – Podcast 11 is now up.  I personally apologize for the delay, it would appear that I have a horrible time prioritizing my life.  Worse yet for this cast, I am sorry to say that this episode of the Porch Podcast is not 100% Phil free like our last one.  Never the less, please try to enjoy!


Producer Jeremy


Podcast 10.5: Our mistakes are your gain!

Listeners, oh dears listeners.. As a result of our previously mentioned issues we recorded an apology cast, still with 100% less Phil!!

For the record, it is Wizard World Comic Con – Peej was correct about the name. I still stand by the fact that there is an Indy Comic Con coming next month.

Anyone want to go?



Podcast 10: The Superbowl of Podcasts

Greetings dear listeners – Podcast 10 is now up, slightly later than we intended due to a late game failure with our recording software. We were able to recover and grace you with this delightful audio file, now with 100% less Phil!

Topics of discussion include everyone’s stuff and thing (Heroclix, Diablo 2, and more Heroclix!) Club Nintendo closure, Zelda TV rumors, among others.

Keep your ears open because we will be back – sooner than you think.


Podcast 9: Murdersaurusrex

Please join us in this, the 9th Porch Podcast – Murdersaurusrex!

In it we discuss the latest junk we’ve been getting into, including tubs of Doug’s memories, along with our first Porch Podcast Media Club topic; ‘Bitch Planet’ published by Image comics!

Just like the stick of gum found inside a pack of baseball cards, you’ll also hear about our Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo code contest.  Listen to the cast, find out the words to the secret phrase, and then send it to us in a comment! Be sure to include a valid contact Email so we can reach out to the winners, we do have multiple codes!

Thanks for listening!