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Podcast 14: Porch Age of Podcast

Sorry for the delayed podcast post, a member of our crew’s significant other gave birth to what appears to be a human so we had to shift duties.

This is probably our longest cast yet, we absolutely ruin Avengers: Age of Ultron and Daredevil with a smattering of other topics. Enjoy!


Podcast 13: Stupid Sexy Podcast

Sometimes it feels like we discuss nothin’ at all!

    I apologize for some brief periods of poor sound quality, overheating issues with recording equipment.

Enjoy and thanks for listening!




I Accidentally Myself: Hyrule Warriors Soundtrack

I was just browsing GoNintendo as I am known to do multiple times a day, and this video somehow autoplayed on me.  HOLY.  SHIT.  If this game is half as good as this music, I might buy 2.  This is either fully orchestrated or they have perfected the digital oboe.  I have been avoiding spoilers for this game like the plague since it is already out in Japan, I just happened to get a free taste and I loved it.

Thanks to the GameExplain guys for the clip. Fanboy out.