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Can you smell.. What DC.. Is cooking?!


The Rock black Adam

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced today that he will be playing the role of Captain Marvel’s nemesis, the sometimes antihero Black Adam in the upcoming Shazam movie from New Line Cinema and DC Comics.

The Rock has been teasing his possible role in a future DC movie, however many thought he would be playing the eponymous role of Shazam in a rumored extremely kid friendly film.

With Dwayne confirmed to be Black Adam I am hoping the movie will take a darker route – and personally I think that he can fill the position of Black Adam perfectly, as he was (and sometimes still is) the Most Electrifying Man in all of Sports Entertainment! Ironic, no?

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WWE Super Card: Is it a Ring Out?

Screenshot_2014-08-25-20-18-04 - Copy


Recently the WWE in conjunction with 2K Sports released a mobile Collectible Card Game on both IOS and Android platforms called WWE Super Card. Super Card, which is free to play offering micro transactions, requires an active internet connection, and pits a deck of WWE Superstars of your choosing against an AI controlled deck of another user. The mobile game has already garnered over 1.5 million downloads. Click below for my review.

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Summer Slammed


This past Sunday I was given the distinct pleasure of introducing World Wrestling Entertainment to Porch Podcast comrades Phil, Doug and Producer Jeremy, who had not been privy to the world of Sports Entertainment since childhood. While Summer Slam turned out to be full of almost all entertaining matches – which I am very grateful for – what I believe I enjoyed most was trying to explain each character’s background and motivation, supplemented by introducing them to a whole new vocabulary of terms such as ‘Face,’ ‘Heel,’ and ‘Stable.’

After many drinks and pizza rolls consumed later, I believe the night has proven to be a success and I hope to get each of their opinions during the next PorchCast, or teased in the comments below. Whether this turns into a running segment, or a ridiculous twitch stream of us playing the upcoming WWE 2k15 video game, which is looking increasingly impressive, I’m quite pleased with how everyone got into it despite the source material being as bad as it is.

What I wished to talk about tonight however, was the reveal of the new WWE World Championship title, awarded to Brock Lesnar after his complete destruction of John Cena last night. This new belt, seen below, was created after merging the two existing titles, the former WWE Champion title, along with the the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (also known as the WCW NWO World Heavyweight Championship, or the ‘Big Gold Belt.’) I do have to say I like the new logo a lot, and this new belt seems significantly bigger than the old WWE title, however I’ll always be a sucker for Big Gold. Click below for a quick breakdown of the fight results.

new belt

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