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Podcast 21- Porch Infinity, By Avalanche Software



Well wouldn’t you know it? They still let me in here! After many months of thinking and passing judgement on things I decided it was time to leave my Ice Fortress of Disapproval. I had to share my thoughts (loudly, if you check the recording) on the only podcast on the web that would be foolish enough classy enough to give me some mic time. What do we talk about? Well… I’ll check my notes… Ah, yes:

Jeremy has a new found passion for the drama and revelry brought on by the titillating combination of solitaire and a day down at the horse track, who knew?

PeeJ has a season pass and can once again feel the power of the force, and fight the dark side. Sometimes.

Phil has been in cahoots with both Adam and PeeJ to discover the shortfalls of cross-platform rocket league, among other things.

Adam has been in cahoots with Phil to discovers the joys of pullin’ his chrome on fools in some online GTAV, and more.

Doug, well I just always have something to say, don’t I? Hopefully some of it makes sense.


Podcast 13: Stupid Sexy Podcast

Sometimes it feels like we discuss nothin’ at all!

    I apologize for some brief periods of poor sound quality, overheating issues with recording equipment.

Enjoy and thanks for listening!




This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things




I see that I am an extremely rare individual these days, in that I actually like surprises in my games from time to time. Surprises can be fun! Well, with the most recent leak of the Smash Brothers roster we have all had yet another opportunity for a surprise stripped away from us. To put it into perspective for those who cannot follow my line of thinking, remember when you found out that Magus was playable in Chrono Trigger? Remember that time in Jet Set Radio future when you somehow unlocked the GG’s dog as a playable character? Those kinds of surprises were why you played the games! This kind of surprise is basically dead thanks to the inevitability of these leaks brought on by the internet and its role in our society.

In all seriousness, the guy who did this is beyond screwed. When/if he is found by the Nintendo Secret Police he will be fired and probably fed to sharks. When you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) you are under the threat of severe penalty for running your mouth to the wrong group of people. The likely scenario of what is going to happen is that he/she will be fired (least of their worries) , sued straight into oblivion, and blacklisted in the industry. While many people are happy to receive this info, it was an extremely poor decision to leak it and this individual’s life is about to be miserable long term for 15 minutes of internet fame.

Spoilers below the break.

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Got Grind?

I am addicted to the grind. The grind is not some swanky new drug the kids are into, it is not the latest dance craze, and it is certainly not something that can provide the almost instantaneous thrill of drugs, dancing, or dancing on drugs. No my dear readers, I am referring to the grind that happens when I just need one more piece to finish my Brachydios Armor set. I am talking about the grind that happens when I only have 10,000 experience until I hit the next level. I am talking about the ever so addictive nature of the random drop and loot system seen in a large variety of games both new and old.




These systems all have some sort of rare/ultimate/legendary item(s) with a ridiculously low chance of dropping, and I find a very basic thrill in tracking down whatever that item is. Can this become a repetitive task? You bet. Can the challenge of fighting with a RNG become daunting at points? Sure can. Do I particularly give a shit? Not even remotely.  The gamer grade ecstasy provided by the feeling of a grind paying off is almost enough to stop me from cracking a celebratory beer (almost, not quite).

Why do I grind?  Easy, I like rare things and leveling up! There is always another grind, and for me that is just fine.  What is your game grinding addiction and which grinds are the worst? Give me a shout in the comments!