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Podcast 18 – Eagle One to Honduras Station, Come In, Over.

Come one, come all, to this the Eighteenth Porch Podcast – Today we are a crew of three; Eagle One, Moon Hawk, and Brown Condor.

We talk of games and news, and spend probably too much time arguing. So really, this one is par for the course.

Intro and Outro music on episode 18 brought to you by, titled Last Stand and Slammin’ respectively.

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Podcast 15 – Smell My Podcast

Dear listeners, please enjoy the long overdue Podcast 15 – Take Two.

Within we discuss Gak, and some games. What games you might ask? How about some Splatoon?

– Jeremy

EDIT: Full disclosure, we recorded this after recording the E3 predictions, so we have been drinking for well over an hour at this point. Mileage may vary.


Podcast 10.5: Our mistakes are your gain!

Listeners, oh dears listeners.. As a result of our previously mentioned issues we recorded an apology cast, still with 100% less Phil!!

For the record, it is Wizard World Comic Con – Peej was correct about the name. I still stand by the fact that there is an Indy Comic Con coming next month.

Anyone want to go?



Podcast 10: The Superbowl of Podcasts

Greetings dear listeners – Podcast 10 is now up, slightly later than we intended due to a late game failure with our recording software. We were able to recover and grace you with this delightful audio file, now with 100% less Phil!

Topics of discussion include everyone’s stuff and thing (Heroclix, Diablo 2, and more Heroclix!) Club Nintendo closure, Zelda TV rumors, among others.

Keep your ears open because we will be back – sooner than you think.


Podcast 9: Murdersaurusrex

Please join us in this, the 9th Porch Podcast – Murdersaurusrex!

In it we discuss the latest junk we’ve been getting into, including tubs of Doug’s memories, along with our first Porch Podcast Media Club topic; ‘Bitch Planet’ published by Image comics!

Just like the stick of gum found inside a pack of baseball cards, you’ll also hear about our Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo code contest.  Listen to the cast, find out the words to the secret phrase, and then send it to us in a comment! Be sure to include a valid contact Email so we can reach out to the winners, we do have multiple codes!

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Amazon recently announced that they will be picking up The Tick! live action TV series that was short lived on Fox back in 2003. The Tick, originally a comedic comic book character written and drawn by Ben Edlund, will once again star Patrick Warburton (Puddy from Seinfeld) as The Tick, but as of right now costars David Burke (rabbit moth Arthur), Liz Vassey (Captain Liberty), or Nestor Carbonell (Batmanuel, or Die Fledermaus in the comics and cartoon.) I hope we see some Chairface and Sewer Urchin personally!

Edlund, who has previous done episodes for Firefly, Star Wars The Clone Wars, and been involved with The Venture Bros, will once again write and produce the updated live action show. Amazon has committed to offering up the pilot for free, and pending viewer response, will look to order more episodes. Make sure you check it out!



Can you smell.. What DC.. Is cooking?!


The Rock black Adam

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced today that he will be playing the role of Captain Marvel’s nemesis, the sometimes antihero Black Adam in the upcoming Shazam movie from New Line Cinema and DC Comics.

The Rock has been teasing his possible role in a future DC movie, however many thought he would be playing the eponymous role of Shazam in a rumored extremely kid friendly film.

With Dwayne confirmed to be Black Adam I am hoping the movie will take a darker route – and personally I think that he can fill the position of Black Adam perfectly, as he was (and sometimes still is) the Most Electrifying Man in all of Sports Entertainment! Ironic, no?

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CAPCOM Blowout


From now until September 4th Capcom is offering select titles for 60% off, on both the Wii U and 3DS. If you are following along on our Monster Hunter Wednesdays via the Podcast or our Twitch stream, now is the perfect time to check the game out as they are on sale for $16.99 for the Wii U version, and $19.99 for the 3DS. Why the price disparity, I couldn’t tell you. Personally I’m only a little bitter I picked up the physical Wii U version for $22 little over a week ago..

You can pick these up via each platform’s E Shop. Check after the break for a complete list of titles included in the sale.

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Marvel Unlimited Plus Promotion



Marvel recently announced that they Have a Plan with their new Unlimited Plus promotion; $99.99 nets you a full year of their digital comic subscription service, allowing you to view over 15,000 Marvel back issues on IOS and Android devices, as well as straight from the internet on your PC. In addition to this, the Plus program adds extra incentives to sign up for the year long commitment, chief of which is an exclusive Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon Variant figure, which looks to be a repaint of the 2013 Marvel Legends Wave 5 Build a Figure Rocket Raccoon.

Also included is a physical Limited Edition Variant issue of Rocket Raccoon #1, a personalized Marvel Unlimited Plus Membership card, invitation to members only events, and 15% off their digital comic shop if you are into current release issues, along with 10% off merchandise at

I’m a sucker for offers like these, and there are definitely some back issue series I’d like to check out.. Maybe I’ll subscribe and provide a review of the service and little Rocket in the near future! Once I burn through my backlog of current trade paper backs that is..




News Flash!



Okay, its not really news – I just really wanted to use that title. What is new is the above poster that the CW released on The Flash Facebook page featuring young Barry Allen, police forensic scientist for Central City, zig zagging around town in his red rubber suit. has written a great article pointing out all the Easter Eggs in the background of the poster, including a Queens Consolidated building in the background and some graffiti stating “GRODD LIVES.”

The Flash, which is a spin off of CW’s Arrow live action TV show based on DC Comic’s Green Arrow, debuts on Tuesday October 7th. I cant wait!